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Our CloudeMAR software streamlines communication across facilities and pharmacy to provide real time


CloudeMAR solves major challenges faced by senior care and assisted living. Render effective care to residents in order to fulfil their health care needs


CloudeMAR contains industry leading eMAR that removes major challenges faced by group homes which enables you to monitor resident activities and provide effective care.


Using CloudeMAR behavioural health care industry reduces paper records and manual errors. With our behavioural health care module track your residents behavioural health issues.


CloudeMAR provide the safer, more accurate and efficient way to manage, record and monitor medication. Keep residents up to date with our real time information.

Reduce paper records

CloudeMAR software is designed to replace paper records. Upgrade your homes by shifting from paper records to electronic record management to avoid manual errors.

Cloud based software

Our cloud based software stores all the medication records in one centralized place for easy access to resident's details and provides real time access to the information.

Medication management

The most efficient way to manage, monitor and record medication electronically in a more accurate way. All the data recorded are secured to safeguard resident's interest.

Interactive software

Using our cloudeMAR software the resident's family can easily communicate with the facilities and can access resident's health data through their mobile in one centralized place.

Resident safety

Since all the resident data are recorded electronically through cloud there are less chances that residents will be provided with wrong medication.

Facility scheduling

Schedule staffs based on their availability and Keep staff informed about their shifts in real time. Keep residents informed about the facility scheduled to them.

Data handover

Give your caregivers and shift managers a complete knowledge of the previous shift, med details, resident activities helping facilities to provide consistent, high quality care.

Drug interaction monitoring

Our software holds record of all the medication details of the residents which avoids risk due to drug interaction caused by allergies.

Electronic care management

Using cloudeMAR record transaction electronically and keep residents up to date with real time information. Transfer effective care to your residents through technology.

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With our mobile friendly application the communication across residents , facilities and Group homes have been streamlined to effectively convey resident's health care needs in just one click.

CloudeMAR Doctor

Using CloudeMAR, doctors can easily understand about resident's medical history and directly communicate with the pharmacies to provide proper medication.

CloudeMAR Nurse

Using our mobile friendly application facilities can directly update residents health care details, know their schedule and handover medication details depending on shifts easily through mobile app.

CloudeMAR Residents

The residents can now easily be aware about their health condition, medication details and recognize the facility scheduled to them through our mobile friendly software.

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